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53 Mindset Rules of a Mental Health Warrior

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Keep Your Emotions Centered

Each Rule is a reminder of certain “truths” in life that will help you in both proactively avoid problems and in extracting yourself from them.


This will empower you as a warrior to never relinquish control to your challenges, but to always remain firmly in charge of the day.

He is absolutely right. "Make small changes at every opportunity. That is what will transform your life."
Sarah L.

Step into the empowering world of "53 Mindset Rules of a Mental Health Warrior" – a handbook crafted for those navigating the rollercoaster of daily life, desperately seeking to keep their emotions in check. Picture this: the author, who's been in the trenches of this emotional struggle, unveils a collection of Mindset Rules.


Each rule is like a friendly tap on the shoulder, offering a gentle reminder of certain "truths" that tend to get lost in the hectic pace of the day. These rules act as a little breather in our whirlwind of thoughts, giving us the chance to realign our emotions and stay in control of our day.


Meet Mindset Rule #27, a great reminder that every day contains 1,440 minutes, each a fresh opportunity to take charge and get back on track, no matter how chaotic things may seem. It's a little life hack to regain control and steer your day in the right direction.


Then there's Mindset Rule #36, a buddy in your warrior journey, telling you never to let challenges downplay your successes. Life has got its hurdles, but this rule cheers you on to celebrate every step forward in your warrior adventure.


Flip through the pages of this book, and with real-life examples accompanying each rule, you'll be set to navigate the rollercoaster of emotions and conquer whatever curve balls life throws your way each day!


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