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Speaking Engagements

Mental Health Warrior Talks

Bruce will help your group or organization explore any of the Mental Health Warrior Book Topics or we can create a custom presentation on Mental Health!


Live Presentations (Zoom, Teams, etc.) or Onsite


Contact us with any questions and we look forward to working with you!

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Picture of Bruce Schutter, creator and author of the Mental Health Warrior Program

Meet Bruce

After struggling with Bipolar, Alcoholism and Anxiety Disorder for over 20+ years, I reached a breaking point where I no longer wanted to be part of this world. But with a second chance at life, I set out to find an answer to my life’s challenges. I discovered that Mental Health is the key to triumphing over any challenge in life!

Armed with this knowledge, I created the Mental Health Warrior Program, so everyone can become a warrior and triumph over their life's challenges!

The program consists of: Mental Health Warrior Book Series, authored by me, and rooted in my personal life experiences, along with the Mental Health Warrior Challenge Coin and MHW Designs (on clothing and accessories) to help you build strong mental health and triumph over your life’s challenges!

A little bit more about me...

15+ years in Information Technology Field
(Support, Developer, Project Manager)

Certified Health Coach - ACE
Certified Personal Trainer - NASM

Behavior Change Specialist - ACE
Certified Sports Nutrition Coach - NASM
Certified Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition
Certified Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery Coach - PN

Complete Library

(Click on any book to learn more)
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