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Euphoria of Today

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Live in Today

The Practice of Mindfulness of Today!


When struggling with mental health challenge this book will empower you with mindfulness approaches to:

  • Move Past the Past

  • Stop Worrying about the Future

  • Live Each Day to the Fullest!


Plus, enjoy the personal examples of how I successfully use this approach in my life!

He is absolutely right. "Make small changes at every opportunity. That is what will transform your life."
Sarah L.

Unlock the power to rise above the missteps of the past, conquer your fears of the future and learn to live every day to the fullest by embracing the mindset of Euphoria of Today


This new warrior approach is fueled by the practice of mindfulness combined with the power of Today. It provides you with the power to face life's challenges head-on, where we accept the lessons learned from our path and use them to build the future we desire. Personally, this approach played an important role in my triumph over Bipolar, Alcoholism, and Anxiety Disorders, and offers you a roadmap for harnessing this power in your life.


In this book, backed by personal stories from my life, learn the tools, and approaches for making Euphoria of Today a daily practice in your life. And with it, unlocking the immense power and joy of being able to live every day to the fullest. All while building your power as a Mental Health Warrior to be able to overcome any challenge that life throws your way.


So, with an open mind, join me as we unlock the power of Euphoria of Today and watch as the happiness found in each moment of the day blossoms around you!


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