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The Power of Talking About our Mental Health and Strengthening the Mental Health Warrior Within

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

As part of being a Mental Health Warrior, we understand the significance of prioritizing our mental well-being. However, there are times when even the simplest tasks become daunting, and talking about our mental health is one such challenge. Opening up and sharing our emotions may not come naturally, but it is through this act that we unlock one of the most powerful tools in our mental health arsenal. For talking about our mental health not only acknowledges our struggles but also lays the foundation for using our power as warriors to triumph over our life’s challenges. The question is then, how can we begin to build this power today? I found that by embracing the following three steps we can begin this new journey where we feel confident to talk about our emotions.

Self-Talk: Breaking Down Stigma and Cultivating Self-Compassion

Before we can effectively communicate our mental health challenges to others, it is essential to engage in meaningful self-talk. We must reassure ourselves that it is not only acceptable but necessary to share our struggles. This inner dialogue begins to break down the stigma surrounding mental health, fosters a sense of self-compassion and begins to build our confidence.

By validating our emotions and experiences, we reassure ourselves that is both ok to have emotions and to struggle with them. For our self-talk allows us to embrace our vulnerability, acknowledge our strengths, and accept that seeking help is a sign of strength rather than weakness. It is only through this internal conversation that I was able to take this powerful first step in addressing my life’s challenges of bipolar, anxiety disorder and alcoholism. As we must first accept ourselves and our whole story in order to be comfortable with not only taking action but taking the next step of sharing with others.

Opening Up: Creating Your Network of Support

When we muster the courage to talk about our mental health challenges with others, we take the first step towards building a support network. For when we invite others into our world, we allow them to understand and empathize with our experiences. This sense of connection helps us feel less alone and provides us with a source of strength when facing adversities.

Sharing your mental health journey with trusted individuals — be it friends, family members, or support groups — fosters an environment of compassion and understanding that benefits both parties. For as I discovered that there are others who have faced or are facing similar struggles, and their support becomes a powerful source of comfort and guidance. Today we build upon the conversation we first had with ourselves and can now engage with others. I know this set requires a bit of trust and a certain lea[p of faith in others, but the rewards that we all share are worth it!

Challenging Stigma and a Bonus of Inspiring Others

Now that we have begun talking openly about our mental health challenges, we are also encouraging others to do the same. With this powerful act of sharing our stories, we become advocates for mental health within our own circle of friends, family, and anyone we interact with. Inspiring those around us to break their silence and join us on this mental health warrior journey. As there is an amazing amount of truth and power found in the strength of group experiences. While this is not a tangible asset that we can manage, it has proven personally to be an invaluable benefit of talking about mental health. For when I struggle with life’s challenges, I no longer have to do this in silence or fear judgement. For within my circle, I know that we all support each other in our journey to embrace being mental health warriors. This common ground built upon my talking about my mental health has started a powerful movement that ripples outwards as others interact with us. Which honestly is just an amazing benefit.

Now Go forth and embrace this powerful Mental Health Tool

So, let’s never overlook the transformative potential of talking about our mental health. But instead embrace vulnerability, shatter the barriers of silence, and foster a culture of open dialogue by starting to talk about your mental health today. Plus, you will not only strengthen your own well-being but also create a ripple effect of positive change that reaches far beyond our individual journeys. And remember that this all begins with and centers around having that first conversation with yourself. For, as I learned the hard way, problems that are not discussed openly, never get resolved. Which benefits no one and leaves us spinning in circles with our life. But today, you can break out of that circle and begin an amazing new way of living as a Mental Health Warrior by being brave and talking about your mental health!

Bruce Schutter

Author — Mental Health Warrior Book series — A comprehensive roadmap for becoming a Mental Health Warrior, allying with our emotions, and triumphing over any of life’s challenges.


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