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How the Mental Health Warrior Creed is a Powerful Tool

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The world can be a challenging and sometimes unpredictable place. Life is filled with ups and downs that can push us to our limits, leaving us feeling broken and defeated. But what if we told you that there was a way to overcome any obstacle, no matter how big or small, and emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before? That’s where the Mental Health Warrior Creed comes in, with its powerful message of “Bend Not Break.”

At first glance, the Warrior Creed might seem like just another catchy slogan, but in reality, it’s so much more than that. It represents a mindset shift that allows us to embrace the full spectrum of our emotions and face any challenge head-on, without fear of failure or defeat.

The key to the Warrior Creed’s success lies in its ability to address the core reason why so many of us fail in our attempts to overcome life’s challenges — we ignore, downplay or push aside our emotions. We might know what we need to do to overcome a particular obstacle, but our emotions can often get in the way and prevent us from taking the necessary steps to move forward.

But as Mental Health Warriors, armed with the Creed of “Bend Not Break,” we learn to become comfortable with our emotions, recognizing them as natural and necessary components of our human experience. When difficult emotions arise, instead of allowing them to stop us in our tracks, we learn to acknowledge and understand them, taking an important first step in our journey towards emotional resilience.

Once we have learned to embrace our emotions, we can then use a wide variety of tools and strategies to help us “Bend Not Break” as we navigate through life’s challenges. The Warrior Creed reminds us that progress throughout the day is what counts, not the number of times we have to regroup or the number of tools we need to use to stay on course. This is where the true power of the Warrior Creed lies — in our ability to stay focused, no matter what obstacles we face, and maintain control of our lives.

For those who have struggled with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or addiction, the Warrior Creed can be a particularly powerful tool. As someone who has triumphed over their own personal demons, I can attest to the transformative power of this approach. Instead of allowing my emotions to break me, I now find myself able to take the necessary steps to move forward, no matter what challenges come my way.

The Mental Health Warrior Creed is more than just a catchy phrase; it represents a powerful approach to life that can help us overcome any obstacle and emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before. By embracing the full spectrum of our emotions and learning to “Bend Not Break,” we can take control of our lives and navigate through even the toughest of times with confidence and grace. So if you’re ready to become a Mental Health Warrior and take charge of your emotional wellbeing, embrace the Creed of “Bend Not Break” and see where it takes you!

Bruce Schutter (Author — Mental Health Warrior Book series — A comprehensive roadmap for becoming a Mental Health Warrior, allying with our emotions, and triumphing over any of life’s challenges.)

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