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Emerging from the Chaos of Emotions: A Mental Health Warrior Poem

Updated: 12 hours ago

In a world that whirls, a symphony loud,

Mental Health often hides behind a cloud.

Yet, valiant warrior, you opt to explore,

Tapping into the strength of emotions at your core.


Controlling the chaos, a journey profound,

The first step to peace, a sweet, soothing sound.

Believing in power that within does reside,

A force to triumph, a calming of the tide.


A saga unfolds, a tale to tell,

Of warriors bold, in the mind they dwell.

Seeking the light in the caverns of thought,

Conquering shadows where fears are fraught.


The journey begins with a single choice,

To heed the mind's call, to find your voice.

In this symphony of thoughts, a melody sweet,

Warrior's heartbeat, a rhythmic feat.


Step into the arena, the battleground of mind,

Where chaos and order in dance are entwined.

A canvas of emotions, a palette diverse,

In every hue, we explore the universe.


In the tapestry of thought, weave your might,

Mastering emotions, bringing them to light.

A chorus of emotions, loud and clear,

Yet, within the chaos, serenity is near.


As the tempest subsides, and waves find peace,

The warrior within, chaos does cease.

A dance with emotions, a rhythm so true,

Mastering the self, embracing the view.


In the fortress of the mind, a stronghold of might,

Where warriors gather, in the heart's soft light.

A journey embarked, with courage to wield,

In the battlefield of minds, their strength revealed.


The anthem of warriors, a hymn so grand,

Resonating courage across the land.

In the sanctuary of thought, where wisdom unfolds,

The saga of Mental Health Warriors, a tale so bold!

Bruce Schutter

(Author and Creator of the Mental Health Warrior Program and Challenge Coin)


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