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20 Truths about Mental Health

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Time for Action

Learn how mental health impacts all areas of our life and how we can use that knowledge to build strong mental health.

Plus take action, with 5 tools for each truth (100 in total), to build strong mental health and triumph over your challenges.

He is absolutely right. "Make small changes at every opportunity. That is what will transform your life."
Sarah L.

Dive into the eye-opening world of "20 Truths about Mental Health that Everyone Needs to Hear" – it's like taking a road trip through the complexities of mental well-being. Where each truth is like a friendly signpost, reminding us that mental health is a fundamental part of every area of our life. This book then helps you unravel the tangled web of emotions, values, and choices, strengthening your transformation into a Mental Health Warrior.


Where you embrace the power of feeling all the emotions in life – giving yourself permission to live a richer life. Tough experiences? They're life lessons that can catapult you into personal growth and self-improvement. Making mental health a non-negotiable part of your life, and suddenly you've got this newfound resilience and clarity, ready to face whatever life throws at you.


But wait, there's more! With each truth, you get a peek into the author's life with real-life examples and 5 action steps to kickstart your own mental health journey. These truths, woven into your life, are your secret weapons, to unlock your inner Mental Health Warrior strength. Now imagine conquering obstacles and relishing life's joys all fueled by the power of your mental health – that's the promise this book holds!

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