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New Self-Help Approach to Mental Health,

that seamlessly integrates into your daily life,

so You can Triumph over Your Life's Challenges!

Based on my struggle and triumph over Bipolar, Alcoholism and Anxiety Disorders, I discovered Mental Health is the key to triumphing over any challenge in life!

With this knowledge I created the Mental Health Warrior Program, so everyone can become a warrior and triumph!

Cornerstone Book

Unlock Your Power!

Learn Bruce's Story and the blueprint for becoming a Mental Health Warrior, so you can take charge of your mental health and triumph over your life's challenges!

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Complete Library of Warrior Books

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"I struggle with several mental health disorders,
but I learned that I am not powerless!"
Karen L.
Blue Skies

Mental Health Warrior Challenge Coin

Your Daily Companion - offers motivation, support and warrior wisdom to guide you to triumph!