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New Self-Help Approach,

centered on Lifestyle and Mindset Changes,

so you can Take Charge of your Mental Health

and Triumph over your Life's Challenges!

Drawing from my experiences with Bipolar, Alcoholism, Anxiety Disorders and PTSD, I created the Mental Health Warrior Program that empowers you to build strong mental health and triumph over your life’s challenges!

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Your New Life Begins Here


Learn Bruce's Story, how he discovered Mental Health is the key to triumphing over any challenge in life and how we can all harness the power of our emotions and triumph over our life's challenges.

Then begin your warrior journey by exploring the four components of a warrior, accompanied by real life examples from my life, that show how you can seamlessly integrate them into your life! Empowering you, so you can triumph over any challenge life throws your way!

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Explore the many ways you can build strong mental health and triumph over your life's challenges!

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"I struggle with several mental health disorders,
but I learned that I am not powerless!"
Karen L.
Image by Leo_Visions


Blue Skies

Mental Health Warrior Challenge Coin

Your Daily Companion - offers motivation, support and warrior wisdom to guide you to triumph!

You are a Mental Health Warrior
and the Power to Change your life is within your grasp!

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